Manufacturing Services

Surface Mount Technology

  • Surface Mount Lines
  • 10 Micron Placement Accuracy
  • BGA & Micro BGA Placement
  • MLF, CSP & 0201 Placement
  • POP (Package on Package)
  • Flip Chip
  • Fine Pitch
  • 01005 Components
  • Convection Re-flow

Cable & Harness Assembly

  • Cable and Harness Assemblies
  • Discrete Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Switch Assemblies
  • Thermocouples


  • Die placement accuracy of +10 microns.
  • Flip chip placement using automated flux dip process.
  • Die prototype placement, epoxy dispense, and epoxy cure.
  • Wire bonding with either ball bond or wedge bond.

Conformal Coat

  • Automated or Manual Conformal Coating
  • Variety of Coating Materials Including Acrylic, Urethane, and Silicone

Rework Services

  • BGA Rework
  • Manual Rework for High Pin Count Through-Hole Components.
  • PCB Rework Machine, Multi-Pin and Through-Hole Connector Rework

Board De-Panelization

  • Manual De-Panelizer
  • Programmable PCB Router

Press Fit Connectors

  • Electro Press JP-1004 Programmable Automatic Insertion Machine
    • Load in Newtons
    • Speed to 1/10th Second
    • Z Height Accuracy to .001 mm
  • Arbor Press Tool

Box Builds

  • Box Build/Final Assembly
  • Complete Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Precision Current Driven Torque Drivers


  • Low to Mid Volume Flying Probe Testing
  • On-board and Off-board Programming
  • Final Functional Testing Using Client Designed Fixtures
  • Final Functional Testing Using CST Designed Fixtures


  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machines
  • X-Ray Imaging Systems
  • 3D X-Ray Machine

Supply Chain

  • Dedicated Purchasing Department
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Secure Storage for Components & Assemblies
  • Shipping Facility
  • On-Time Delivery

Our manufacturing services cover the entire spectrum of assembly processes which include Surface Mount, Cable and Harness Assembly, Microelectronics, Conformal Coat, Board De-panelization, Press Fit, Box Build, Test, Engineering and Design, and Rework Services. We can assist with any of these processes.  All assemblies are built in the USA at our Hillsboro, Oregon facility. CST manufactures grow light, electric vehicle, sensor, virtual reality system, Internet of Things (IoT), and cabling technologies.


Our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines are capable of placing various types of components, including but not limited to: BGAs, QFNs, Flip Chips, Fine Pitch, and Package on Package (POP) assemblies. Cascade Systems Technology’s newest SMT line has a 10µ placement accuracy at 4-sigma. Additionally, our SMT processes run both Pb and Pb-free, and have an N2 reflow environment for printed circuit boards with Organic Surface Protection (OSP). Cascade Systems Technology inspection equipment includes an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray, and manual inspection techniques.


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Cascade Systems Technology is conveniently located in the Northwest near Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver, Washington.

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