Conformal Coat

Automated conformal coating

At Cascade Systems, we can use any conformal coating material, from industry standards such as acrylic, silicon and polyurethane conformal coating to other types. If you use something else for conformal coating, just let us know.

We provide automated or manual conformal coating, we can even quote masking solutions for high-volume builds to assure that key components are protected.

Why Choose CST for Your Conformal Coating Needs?

  • Fast turnaround and repeatability – Through the use of our automated conformal coating machines.
  • Conformal coating thickness – Verified by IPC standards.
  • All stock coatings inspectable under UV light
  • Potting and encapsulation available – To protect components that are exposed to harsh environments such as moisture, shock and vibration.

Have Questions About Conformal Coating?

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